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Molly Fuller

Molly Fuller, Founder & CEO

The idea for Molly Fuller Design started back in 2011. It all came down to a simple passion to make clothing and products for specific medical conditions look and feel, less medical. Just because someone has a medical condition doesn't mean they don't care about or deserve stylish and quality products.

My grandpa has polio and I realized how frustrating his clothing could be to get on and off while in his wheelchair. I majored in fashion design in college with the goal of making better clothing that served a medical purpose. 

Since college, I have worked in various healthcare companies, such as, Mayo Clinic and several startups, designing better patient experiences through products, digital tools and services. I've combined my healthcare experience and fashion skills to make designs that address people's style and medical needs.

My first product line is focused on autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorders. The Charlie shirt, went through multiple rounds of testing and iteration with teens across the US. The Charlie Shirt is made out of a high quality power stretch soft material that adds substantial compression while not irritating the skin. The seams and stitching are designed to feel invisible to the wearer. Elastic on the sleeve doubles as a style and fidget detail.
I believe everyone deserves style and quality.